Birthday wet pow for Jorma

Sometimes plans don’t always work out when you plan a trip to the backcountry. Dreams of pow turns can turn to just hoping it doesn’t rain. Well with plans to take Jorma out to one of my favorite zones to explore and play snowboards for his birthday  nothing is going to stop us. With a 80% chance of rain in the forecast most of your group decided to bag it but I still had hope we could still have some fun. Waking up to stormy sky’s with steady rain but cold temps luck is on our side and it’s snowing up in the mountains. We push forward, sleds in tow to hunt some zones that I hope are holding the goods we are looking for. We meet up with our buddy Kyle who was already skinning out to the zone and we meet at the boundary line and drop off the sleds in the trees. 

 The skin out was looking good with a few inches of new snow with some soft slush. As we made our way to the summit stopping to jib a few trees along the way the sky opened up. We grab some quick food, enjoyed the view and made our way down to make a few runs. As the day wore on and the snow changed to rain we made our way back to the sleds and the wet ride back to the truck.  


mt. bachelor from Todd lake oregon splitboarding

jorma enjoying the view




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