Jupiter and Venus sunset over the Old Mill

Tonight’s photo is of a Jupiter and Venus sunset over the Old Mill District. Hoping to get a shot of Jupiter and Venus I jumped on my bike at sunset with tripod in hand to the cliffs above the Old Mill. The cliffs were busier then normal that night as Sheryl Crow was playing and the cliff’s being the nosebleed seats above the Mill. I was trying to get a few shots off before being eaten alive by mosquitoes as she started in on her Steve Mcqueen song. After about 15 mins I’d heard all I needed of Sheryl performance and having a few shots in the bag I was off to treat my war wounds of mosquitoes bites.

This photo was originally posted to my instagram and then reposted by the Old Mill District Facebook page.

Sunset over the Old Mill

Sunset over the Old Mill

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I’m back to blogging

After getting side tracked with some other projects the last few years I’m back working on my writing skills. I’ve been missing writing a lot the last few years and love telling my adventures in more then just photos. Check it out, look around and see a little more behind the photo’s then I post on instagram and Facebook.Me

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Top of the world with Dave Downing and the Side Effect crew!


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New side project: Krakken powder weapons

Here is my new side project….home made plywood powder snowboard. Been wanting to make my own powder boards for a long time and now seems like a good time.  More info to come soon

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An afternoon with the girls

Had a rare weekday afternoon with my favorite little girls, so we made the most of it.  Little Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and some sliding at the park.






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Weekend with Avery

So Avery and got a chance to have a weekend together and we made the most of  it. It started with camping with some friends at Detroit lake. We got there at dark after driving for an hour and a half., got settled in and then Avery lost a front tooth that’s been hanging on for the last few weeks. 

the tooth is out-a-here

Rob enjoying the good life

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Mckenzie river trail W/ friends

 Did a little 27 mile downhill ride called the Mckenzie river trail ( http://mckenzierivertrail.com/ ) this last Saturday and lets just say it was a ball buster. After the first 10 miles I was saying we should do 2 laps but after the next 10 miles I was begging to see the car around every corner. We’ll  I made it and I would so do it every weekend if I could. One of the best rides of my life hands down. This trail has it all, fast single track, some of the best and craziest lava rock riding I’ve done, some crazy log bridges  you just never know what will be around the next corner. If you ever get a chance to do this ride jump at it.  Just make sure you have a full suspension bike or be prepared the have a sore back.

Thanks to Jason, Jay, and Laurie for having me along for their ride and Hefe for the use of his Mongoose Teocali, I think I might have to get one now.

Here are a few the sights I saw a long the way….

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